Zori006  lizard-skin
Zori006  lizard-skin

Zori006 lizard-skin

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Setta are traditional Japanese leather-soled sandals with a thong. Mostly you can wear seta with bare feet. While wearing setta, you can move the toes freely, which is very good for your feet.

Thong color: black
Size: This product is to be made to order. It will take 30 – 40 days. (The sole thickness is 1cm in front and 3cm in back)
Made: Japan and handmade
Material: cow skin (sole) and lizard skin (thong)
Price: \33,000 (including tax; not including delivery charge)

-Don’t rub the painted part hard.

If a foot is constantly pressed in a shoe, that causes various foot troubles. For example, a small toe doesn’t function; the arch of the foot disappears; and we have hallux valgus. The condition of a foot is very important for health of the whole body. It is said that no one suffered from athlete’s foot or hallux valgus in Japan until people began to put on shoes.

-In Japan people wore geta and setta before the war. They had the habit of always making their feet clean because they wore geta or setta with bare feet.
-It is said that setta was designed by Sen no Rikyu, founder of tea ceremony.
-Even today Japanese craftsmen make setta of natural material by hand.

-If you wear setta of natural material barefoot, your feet will be always dry, free from dampness.
-There are four kinds of sole. Leather-soled ones are most popular. Before getting used to wearing leather-soled setta, it is sometimes slippery, so you should be careful at first. Plastic-soled setta is better when raining.
-Putting a thong between your toes and making the sole of your foot touch the natural material of setta promotes the circulation of the blood in your body and makes your foot muscles strong.
-Wearing setta can adjust both physical and mental balance.

<How to Wear>
-Choose a little smaller size because it is better to wear it with a small part of your heel projecting from the edge of its platform.
-It’s good for a small toe to project from the platform.
-Put a thong lightly between the big toe and the second toe.
-If a thong is too loose, your foot will get easily tired.
-Geta is made of wood, so be careful when walking on the hard place.

-Leather sole is glued with an adhesive, so avoid wet or watery places.
-Don’t use setta like beach sandals.
-The color of the leather, cloth and thread used may fade slightly.