Yamato Energy Bag 012
Yamato Energy Bag 012

Yamato Energy Bag 012

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Musubi (collaboration)

In ancient Japan letters were considered to have power and people used the power in their daily life in various ways. The power was believed to purify the human soul.

Yamato Design has tried to adopt ancient Japanese power in modern fashion. Why don’t you experience a good collaboration of ancient power based on natural laws and modern fashion?

Nukumori (handmade)

Why Handmade?

In ancient Japan people believed that houses, food, clothing and belongings were related to harmony and soundness of human physical and mental activities. In modern Japan a traditional industrial art is made through ancient praying.

Even today things made by hand are considered to reflect the mind of those who made them. That’s why traditional Japanese craftsmanship is still highly admired.

People believed that ancient Japanese letters (Yamato kotoba) had power in themselves and the power influenced their body and mind.


This handmade bag is so handy that it is very useful in everyday life. A pattern of ancient Japanese letters is painted on one side. It has a little pocket inside.

Size: about 19cm x about 29cm (with a 9cm-gusset in the bottom)
Material: 100% cotton
Made in Japan
Price: \3,800 (including tax; not including delivery charge)

-When washing, it is desirable to use a net or wash by hand.
-Don’t use a drying machine or an iron.
-Don’t rub the painted part hard.