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〈TUTAE〉Haori1021   \23,000
Tutae (tradition)
It is natural for Japanese people to live based on Japanese tradition. There are lots of things we should learn from the tradition. People in ancient Japan found it good for their body and mind to wear something that gave them power. It was their wisdom. We would like to take in the wisdom in our everyday life.

Ancient people wore clothes woven from vegetable fiber. In Jomon period it was believed wearing clothes properly woven with the warp (expressing wisdom, the universe, sociability, fatherhood) and weft (expressing love, peaceful world, family and motherhood) was necessary to cultivate decent humanity and pray. People thought something a person wore influenced his or her mind.

It was a sacred job for a wife to weave for her husband with pure heart and praying.

Haori is a short coat worn over a kimono. You can wear it just like a jacket. It is a formal wear and used as winter clothes.

Yamato Design has arranged this formal Japanese wear in a modern way. It’s good harmony of Japanese tradition and a modern sense of play.

Haori is a short coat worn over a kimono. You can wear like a jacket. In most cases it has a stylish or fashionable lining and Japanese people think it “cool” that a small part of the lining can be seen when looked from the back.


Length: -00cm (at the back from the base of the collar to the hem)
-00cm (from the middle of the collar to the hem of the sleeve)
-00cm (sleeve length)
Material: silk
Made in Japan
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