“KOKORO”Original Tradition YD217S02
“KOKORO”Original Tradition YD217S02
“KOKORO”Original Tradition YD217S02
“KOKORO”Original Tradition YD217S02

“KOKORO”Original Tradition YD217S02

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“KOKORO”Original Tradition
The color of the floating black flower.  YD217S02
Price: 263,000yen (Separately: 8% tax, shipping fee, tariff)

Western tailored kimono textile/cloth (Tanmono).
The shawl collar is made from the same fabric. (Collar fabric may vary.)
The logo is painted boldly on the piece (Each logo is painted by hand so it may vary from the picture).

This jacket plays with a unique sense of sheer and is of the finest fabric in Japan.
It gives off a special airiness through movements accented by its Western tailoring and the lightness of its silk.
The kimono-inspired sleeves move gracefully and add an air of class.
You can wear it with a formal suit jacket or casual wear.
Even with formal and sacred Japanese clothing, it gives a dramatic flare.
It comes with pockets.

・Material: 100% silk thread
Silk jacket: The pre-dyed jacket applies techniques originally used for Japanese-style clothing to Western wear.
It is a Jacquard weave that runs two vertical threads under one thread and creates a triple thread pattern.
The result is a classy jacket with a sheen that is cool and sheer in appearance.
A twelve thread (ten vertical threads under two threads).
・Made in: Japan
・Size: Sleeves 84 cm (from the center of the back of the neck to the wrist)
Body 133 cm (from the back of the collar to the bottom of the jacket)

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