“KOKORO” Original Tradition  YD318S10
“KOKORO” Original Tradition  YD318S10
“KOKORO” Original Tradition  YD318S10
“KOKORO” Original Tradition  YD318S10

“KOKORO” Original Tradition  YD318S10

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“KOKORO” Original Tradition 
The color of the black to rest the feathers. YD318S10
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The black silky gauze has a sheen look. Although the body and sleeves are of the same fabric, the pattern is different.
The collar uses kimono fabric and is a shawl collar (Fabric may vary from the picture).
The paint is based on a powerful and energetic motif from ancient Japan.
(The motif is painted by hand so it may vary from the picture)

Western tailored kimono textile/cloth (Tanmono).
This jacket plays with a unique sense of sheer and is of the finest fabric in Japan.
It gives off a special airiness through movements accented by its Western tailoring and the lightness of its silk.
Its kimono-inspired sleeves move gracefully and add an air of class.
You can wear it with a formal suit jacket or casual wear.
Even with formal and sacred Japanese clothing, it gives a dramatic flare.
It comes with pockets.

・Body fabric: 100% silk threads
Jacket: pre-dyed silk jacket is a technique originally used on Japanese clothing applied to Western clothing.
It is a Jacquard weave that runs two vertical threads under one thread and creates a triple thread pattern.
The result is a classy jacket with a sheen that is cool and sheer in appearance.
A twelve thread (ten vertical threads under two threads).

・Collar Fabric:100% Silk, using Obi fabric from Kimono (Fabric may vary from the picture).
・Made in: Japan
・Size: Sleeves 74 cm (from the center of the back of the neck to the wrist)
Body 108 cm (from the back of the collar to the bottom of the jacket)

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