“KOKORO”Original Tradition  YD318SPC17

(White Breathing Rose)『The color meets the color of wind


Body: For this kimono fabric, we flip composition of the front and back to create color combination in reverse, but the design is the same as the Chirimen.

This is the most sophisticated technique in Japan. This weave feels like the wind goes through the fabrics. It is made from the finest material, woven textile and in a sophisticated technique. Intricately and minutely woven with 10 vertical and horizontal yarns and has a fine texture. Wrinkle-resistant.

It has a tense and graceful texture yet the sensitive technique by the craftsman became the piece that can be worn with comfort. 100% silk.



Sleeves: Outliner Dynamic rose jacquard has three-dimensional impact due to the part of fluffy texture.

The material has both strength and delicacy at the same time and it even looks like the person who wears it is enjoying their individuality.

45% polyester, 32% cotton, and 20% nylon.

Inner: Sleek silk gives it not only a classy feel but protects your skin and brightens your complexion. 100% silk.

ソデ:外側 ダイナミックなバラのジャガードは、部分的に毛羽立ちした織によって立体した迫力があります。




The collar:Sleek silk gives it not only a classy feel but protects your skin and brightens your complexion.

The shawl collar is like a tuxedo collar. It elevates its inner sexiness with modesty. 100% silk.

エリ: 光沢のあるシルクは、肌に気持ちの良い風合いだけではなく、肌を守り、お顔立ちを爽やかにする色使いをしています。タキシードの様なフォーマルにへちま型。それは、控えめながら内面のセクシーを高級にしてくれます。シルク100%

Sewing: The craftsman has been working in formal wear industry for a long time in Japan.

He has both an unshakable mind and lives his life with attention to detail. You will sense this from wearing it.

With pockets and slits

Made in Japan

縫製: 日本において長年、フォーマルを手掛ける職人さんです。しっかりした『揺るぎない精神』と『丁寧に生きる』を持ち合わせている方です。着る方に職人さんのお心添えがある事でしょう。



“KOKORO”Original Tradition  YD318SPC17
The color meets the color of wind  

Price: 200,000 yen (Separately: 8% tax, shipping fee, tariff)

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