“KOKORO”Original Tradition YD318SC16

Chirimen)『The crystal that unites with Nature


Body: Front Body: Kiryu Koyuki-Shibori dyeing(kimono fabric. 100% silk.

Weaved in yarn dyed fabric and has a silky moist touch. The traditional craftsman utilizes their technique, hand-dyeing it in a careful manner. This piece has a complex sophistication and depth. Only hand-working could create this texture and zest.

The sheen that emerges from the silk material and woven textile add to the feeling of luxury.

Kiryu Shibori is a Kiryu traditional craft that originated from Gunma. There are only 4 certified craftsmen and the number of the items that can be created is limited due to this. Therefore, each item is uniquely individual and cannot be recreated.

Koyuki Shibori … this resist dying technique is named after the snowflake pattern it creates because Koyuki means snowflake in Japanese.

Both the weaving and dyeing are done at the same atelier.

This resist dyeing that looks like snowflakes is an exclusive material, woven textile and technique to Japan.

It will ease your feelings due to the hue and drape that would cleanse your skin. 100% silk.

ボディ前身頃: 桐生小雪絞り(着物生地)シルク100








On the back, we used a thick silk that has volume yet has a sort of gentleness like you feel on the sand on the beach.

It gives you the feeling of being a child caressed by your mother.

Black Silk Double Creped 100% Silk Bio processing on 40 Mace silk make the fabric moist and softer.



黒シルクダブルクレープ シルク100%    40匁シルクにバイオ加工し、素材をしっとり・柔らかくしたもの。

Sleeves: It is the material that you can sense the bold and the inmost feelings inside thanks to the sheer and tension yet smooth cloth used like in kimono.

Black see-through border western cloth likened to kimono cloth. 58% cotton, 21% nylon, and 21% cupra.

ソデ : 着物に使われる様な透かしとハリによって、『大胆で、内に秘めた思い』を感じる素材です。

黒スカシ ストライプ 着物生地に見立てた洋生地 コットン58%ナイロン21%キュプラ21

The collar:Sleek silk gives it not only a classy feel but protects your skin and brightens your complexion and is in a formal shawl collar like a tuxedo. It elevates its inner sexiness with modesty. It is double-layered and bicolor.

100% Black and White Sleek silk.

エリ: 光沢のあるシルクは、肌に気持ちの良い風合いだけではなく、肌を守り、お顔立ちを爽やかにする色使いをしています。タキシードの様なフォーマルにへちま型。



Sewing: The craftsman has been working in formal wear industry for a long time in Japan.

He has both an unshakable mind and lives his life with attention to detail. You will sense this from wearing it.

With pockets and slits.

Made in Japan

縫製: 日本において長年、フォーマルを手掛ける職人さんです。しっかりした『揺るぎない精神』と




“KOKORO”Original Tradition  YD318SC16
The crystal that unites with Nature 

Price: 256,000 yen (Separately: 8% tax, shipping fee, tariff)

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