“KOKORO”Original Tradition  YD318PPW18

Japanese Camouflage)『Dancing with Black and Navy in hue


Body: A different pattern of twill gives off a dynamic impression. By enlacing the wool, it gives it a warmth onto your skin. It’s the piece that combined Japanese-style clothing and western-style clothing from three-dimensional style of weave.

This item will elevate your color. 64% polyester, 18% wool, and 18% acrylic.

ボディ:綾織の変化した柄には、ダイナミックな印象を与えられる。ウールが入ることで、どこか暖か味を感じ     させる肌触りです。立体的な織り方は和装織物と洋装織物とが掛け合わされた作品です。

個性を手助けするような存在になる事と思います。 ポリエステ64%-ウール18%-アクリル18%

Sleeves: Enjoy the casual details of a playful yet classy touch of camouflage accent. Combining Japanese-style clothing and western-style clothing makes it easier for you to pick up any tops with any material. You feel comfortable wearing it thanks to the grounded weave. Wrinkle-resistant… 100% polyester.


Collar: Used in antique obi and the design that’s drawn by sleek yarn has a kimono flavor.

This cloth has its own uniqueness and is impossible to weave today and that draws on ancient Japan.

The formal shawl collar is like a tuxedo collar. It elevates its inner sexiness with modesty. 100% silk.

エリ: アンティーク帯を解いて使用しています。柄の部分には光沢のある糸で描かれている模様は着物らしさがあります。現在では織ることが出来ない特徴的な生地なので日本の古き時代の様子を引き寄せてくれます。


With pockets and slits

Made in Japan




“KOKORO”Original Tradition YD318PPW18 
Dancing with Black and Navy in hue 

Price: 122,000 yen (Separately: 8% tax, shipping fee, tariff)


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