Yamato Design

In ancient Japan people believed that houses, food, clothing and belongings were related to harmony and soundness of their physical and mental activities. Things made by hand were thought to reflect the mind of those who made them. That’s why traditional Japanese craftsmanship is highly admired even today. Also, it was believed that ancient Japanese letters (yamato kotoba) had power in themselves and the power influenced people’s body and mind. In everyday life they used the power. They wore clothes or things with such letters on them.

Yamato Design would like to offer you good collaboration of traditional Japanese things and ancient Japanese letters. We hope you will enjoy wearing or using our products introduced at this website.


-Haori (a jacket worn on a kimono)
-Samue (working clothes)
  -Setta (Japanese slippers)
  -Geta (Japanese clogs)
  -Zori (Japanese slippers)


-Tutae (tradition)
-Nukumori (handmade)
-Musubi (collaboration)

We have no relation to any religions or specific organizations.

We use designs which have been traditionally inherited from ancient times, but they have nothing to do with any religions.